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June 15, 2006




Alex Goldfayn

Joe - I've switched back and forth between Mail and Entourage several times, and ultimately settled on Entourage as it was integrated with my calendar and contact list (that's where I maintain those as well).

Like you, I do believe it's Entourage that's causing my "Mac Grind" but it's mostly my fault. I haven't archived thousands of e-mails as I find it helpful to search through them for details and information.

Time to archive...at least 2004. :)

Joe Kmoch

I have a similar machine but I bought it originally with 1gb - there are times, when I experience a little of what your're talking about resulting in the spinning beachball. I too use Entourage but I think I'm going to go back to OSX Mail - I've had these grinding problems since I moved to Entourage. Keep up the good work on your show!

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